For those of you who don’t know Anna, she’s my beautiful second child who is 3 1/2 years old. Born on All Saints Day November 1, 2001. She stunned me last night with the story I’m now telling you all as follows.

Here’s how things started. Saturday night (April 8) about 8 pm Anna came up to me while I was surfing the web and asked to sit on my lap and watch as she often does. At the time I was looking for sites related to Marian apparitions. For those who aren’t familiar with this phrase it means visitations by the Virgin Mary to people here on earth. Yes, Mary has appeared past and present to people all over the world. Fatima, Lourdes, Medjugorge... the list goes on. But that isn’t the focus of this story so I’ll get back to Anna.

I was looking at the page you see below when Anna “took over”. She said (and I quote) “I want to click on Jesus’ heart.” Being not quite sure I heard her right, I asked “What did you say?” And she responded again “I want to click on Jesus’ heart.” So I said “Go ahead” and she took the mouse (she knows how to use a mouse very well from playing games at and she rolled over monstrance which holds the Eucharist. For my non-Catholic friends reading this, it’s the graphic in the top left hand corner. As you can see, the words below it read Jesus’ Heart. Well Anna can’t read yet (barely knows her ABCs) so needless to say I was shocked! And for those instantly skeptical this is not a phrase Kathy and I have ever used to describe the Eucharist. But this is just the beginning. Please scroll down for more.

The page below is where her click on “Jesus’ Heart” took her. She rolled over the picture below and said to us “That is Jesus’ heart.” She then asked “Why does it have a hole in it.” At this point I called Kathy in the room to see and hear what was happening. So from here on Anna is seating at the computer hand on mouse while Kathy and I stood behind her. Next Anna scolled down the page and clicked on a link to The Real Presence at the bottom. Please scroll down for more.

Below is the next page Anna’s click took us to. A site call that neither Kathy or myself have ever been to or heard of. Anna rolled down to the pic of the Last Supper and pointed out Jesus and said “That’s Jesus”. This was no surprise - one because of the halo and two because she’s seen similar paintings before. But Anna’s story doesn’t stop here so stick with me and scroll down for more.

On the page above Anna clicked on the button Miracles and brought up the page below. Anna then rolled her mouse over the picture of the Pope John Paul II holding the Eucharist on the left and said “This is His body.” She then rolled over the chalice in the pic on the right and said “This is His blood.” Kathy and I were stunned and said little other than “That’s very good Anna” and “what else to you see?”

Before continuing I think it’s worth letting you know a little bit about Anna’s mass experience. Yes, she’s been to mass with us but like most 3 year olds it doesn’t keep her attention for too long. Our church has a nursury so that’s where she goes with Dominic on most Sundays. On those days when the nursury is closed we sit in the back in case we need to go to the cry room. So yes, we go to mass but we don’t sit in the front pew explaining every detail to our children. They know Jesus, Mary and Joseph as well as some saints but not transubstantiation - or so we thought. Please scroll down for the last chapter of Anna’s remarkable story.

Lastly, Anna clicked on the button Testimonies and pulled up the page you see below. From here Anna moved her mouse down and placed it over the Eucharist the priest is holding and said “That’s when it turns to Jesus.”

Kathy and I were moved, we gave Anna a hug and thanked her. Kathy later asked Anna where she learned all that she showed us and she replied “Mary told me.”

I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life and maybe these words and pictures don’t capture the moment but I thought I’d try and share with you what Anna shared with us - a blessing and grace I’ll feel was directed from above. God bless and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Please feel free to pass along this page along to friends, family and anyone you feel may be interested or feel should read.

Thanks again,