Amaze Media digital marketing agency New Orleans

Photo & Videography

Amaze Media, a distinguished digital marketing and website development firm with a legacy spanning over 30 years, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with Dominic Fayard, a New Orleans photographer and videographer. Headed by Mark Fayard, Dominic's father, Amaze Media has long been a pillar of expertise in the industry. This partnership marks a fusion of Amaze Media's digital prowess and Dominic Fayard's artistic vision, creating a comprehensive media solution for clients across the greater Gulf Coast region. The collaboration with Dominic Fayard extends their offerings to include captivating photography and videography, providing clients with a seamless blend of visual storytelling and strategic digital presence. Both companies are based in Metairie and share a commitment to excellence. Amaze Media's decades-long experience in the industry, coupled with Dominic Fayard's innovative approach to capturing moments, ensures that clients receive an impactful media experience. This dynamic partnership not only bridges the worlds of creativity and technology but also represents a family legacy devoted to redefining the standards of media services throughout the Gulf Coast region. Together, Amaze Media and Dominic Fayard are poised to shape a new narrative in the world of comprehensive and compelling media solutions.
Dominic Fayard and Mark Ffayard